26 April, 2011

Runupdate: Good and Bad

A week ago, I was elated. I received my race number for the MDC in the mail and it terrified me into training hard again... and the funniest thing was that I was making leaps and bounds in my distance. Let it be said that fear is a great motivator!

Then I got a cough. While the doctor has assured me my chest is clear (and the tearing feeling it occasionally gives me in my throat marries up to this so, so well), it still means that I can't breathe as easily as I'd like to. I stopped training to try and give myself a chance to rest... but the cough is still hanging around a week later. I'm on the verge of cashing in the antibiotic script just in case that may help.

It's getting awfully close to race time, and I may have to call it. It's a crushing feeling.

I'm going to risk going for a jog tomorrow. No way would I be able to complete a boxing class, but maybe some exercise will help?