11 November, 2012


The wonderful Web Goddess and others decreed November become #sewvember, where everyone should get into this whole sewing thing and GET THINGS DONE.


So I dusted off my (not-so-old-but-very-neglected) Brother 2100 (Project Runway edition AND pink, thankyouverymuch) and decided I should probably reteach myself some basic skills before trying to sew something complicated.

I have to say I was glad I decided to sew some simple things first. I learnt some very important things:

1. Threading the bobbin thread into the machine properly is important. Failure to do so will result in your top tension being way, way too tight no matter how much you loosen it. It will then result in having to resew an entire long seam.

2. Any sticky glue residue on the fabric, no matter how minor (thanks fat quarter label glue that survived through a serious wash and a heat removal process) will cause the foot to stick and jam. It will then leave sticky residue on the foot, which you will discover after trying to sew a clean bit of fabric.

3. A sewing gauge is quite possibly the best tool EVER for turning and pressing a hem allowance before stitching. This little thing was in a sewing kit I bought years ago. I had no idea how to use it, so it sat in my sewing box. Now I've finally learnt how it works, I never want to be without one again. (To see how it's used, check out this Coletterie tutorial on belt loops.)

The end result of all this? A few bits and pieces, and some more sewing confidence. I think I'm ready to tackle a garment now.

So what did I make? First up was a tissue holder:

Need a Tissue?

(I actually made two of these - the first I rushed a bit and as a result it wasn't too flash. My second attempt was much better.)

Then a pin cushion, because my pins needed somewhere more convenient to live:

Pin Cushion. Literally.

And lastly a small boxy pouch, to use as a makeup storage bag in my handbag. I lined it in Surprise! Yellow:

Surprise! Yellow

Zippered Pouch is Zippered