24 June, 2010


Wow... what a week so far!

I've been sick and stuck at home, so World Cup replays and watching drama unfold have been the order of the day week.

The Socceroos got knocked out of the World Cup - however they left with their heads held high, having defeated Serbia in their last game. Well done boys.

France was also knocked out, much to my Francophile chagrin.

We have a new Prime Minister! It started last night as a whisper on Twitter, ended up with an announcement of a ballot this morning and then... bam! Julia Gillard, Australia's first female PM. History was made today as she was sworn in by the country's first female Governer-General.

I have to say, I teared up at Rudd's exit speech, was wowed by Julia's first address and nearly dissolved again when she was sworn in.

A truly momentous day.

As a side note... (it adds to the action-packed theme but is hardly on par with any of the above), this blog has been renamed and had a bit of a redesign. Welcome to <ikepela_is_redambition> aka - what this blog is now called!

19 June, 2010

Trouble brewing

I always know that I'm going through a tricky patch in life when the activities and things I love don't feel like fun anymore and inspiration is lacking. It's at times like these I feel like I'm stuck in a rut - but it's a comfortable rut, and one that I don't want to leave.

There's nothing wrong with having times where things just don't go to plan - it happens to everyone and it's part of life. The problem arises when it seems like to much effort to get out of the rut and get things going again.

I've been in a such a rut for a while now in my creative outlets. I've shunned all the creative projects I've taken on this year, preferring instead to sit in front of the computer or television for long stretches of time. Brain-numbing? Yes. Productive and happiness-inducing? Not so much.

The important thing for me is to realise that I'm in such a rut (which can be hard - it's so easy to make excuses about it) and then making a conscious effort to change the thought patterns and behaviours that keep me there. So help me, I'm going to get working on some creative outlet activity every day. You're looking at the first effort.

On a totally unrelated note: GO SOCCEROOs! I can't wait to see the match tonight! I was planning to go into the FIFA FanFest in Darling Harbour with a few friends to watch the game, but my head cold has turned into a chesty cough and a nasty headache, so I'm being sensible and staying home, out of the cold. Not as much fun, but eminently warmer.

10 June, 2010

WWKIP Day - Sydney NSW


World Wide Knit In Public day is drawing near: this Saturday, in fact!

Are you going to an event? I'll be at the Sydney one, organised by the fabulous PomPom.


Abraham Mott Hall, Argyle Place, Millers Point. 1.30-5.00pm.

There are lots of prizes (including an awesome basket from Mosman Needlecraft), competitions and fun to be had, so please come along! There is no food available at the venue, but beverages will be available for gold coin donations.

See here for the full details.

See you there!