23 April, 2012

Ill Communication

Sometimes, life gets in the way.

Here's me bringing you up to speed as quickly as possible. Imagine it's being done in 30 seconds by bunnies:

Flu coughs moving house volunteer job two changes to paid job projects work travel more volunteer work pneumonia sinus infections volunteer work with cats more flus coughs colds suspected bronchiectasis claratyne eye injuries two relatives passing away car spraying petrol into the engine cavity car battery dying car headlights dying cats

I think that should do it.

I've had quite enough of my life being like a bad 90s daytime soap, and quite frankly I've told it so. I'm hoping that it cleans up it's act in time for next week.

Now, if only someone can find my inspiration and motivation. I'd be happy to pay for the postage to get it back.

I'm watching Bob Brown on Q and A on the ABC while I write this. He's leaving a huge hole in Aussie politics, and is one of the pollies I admire most. So calm, collected and rational.