01 July, 2013


I had planned to have another post written over the weekend. There were going to be photos, there would a be a Hummingbird skirt, there would be birds chirping in the trees and happinesss and rainbows.

Then EOFY happened. Let's just say that I was called in to do a lot of extra stuff at work and then some.

End result: the weekend was written off as I tried to catch up on sleep. And then sat on the couch feeling exhausted. Then some more sleep. And a bath. And more sleep.

Needless to say, I didn't get a new post anything done.

Watch this space.. I'm hoping to secure some catch up time this week.

23 June, 2013

Pyjama Party!

Yes, I really am about to post photos of myself in pyjama pants on the internet. (It's ok, I've cropped my face out. That'll make them anonymous enough, right? Right??)

You may recall that back in November (look, just go read the previous post. It's not like this place has been overloaded with content since then) I picked up sewing again. Well, I've actually been sticking with it and I've even taken a class! Progress is being made.

I do have quite a few finished items, and now that I have a fancy new camera setup I can even take pictures without doing dodgy selfies in the mirror - so expect some more photos if the temperature creeps up above F R E E Z I N G some time soon.

But I digress. This post is about pyjama pants.

The lovely Karen from Did You Make That? is hosting her second pyjama party sew-along, and I (madly, some might say) decided to join in. It was focussing on the new Sewaholic Tofino pattern, which I had impulse purchased on the day of release. Yes, I know that I can buy pyjama pants from any one of a number of low-priced department stores. The problem is, you see, I've been scarred.

For as long as I can remember, if I had a pair of pyjama pants that fit me in the waist and hips, I could guarantee that my ankles would be cold. They'd always end up flapping about somewhere midway between my calf and my ankle. The only other option was to buy several sizes too big - but then if there was no drawstring in the waist, I'd have a whole new raft of problems.

Aside from investing hours knitting long socks in cosy DK weight wool, what was a girl to do? 

Learning to sew (and the release of the Tofino pattern) made me realise that I no longer had to put up with cold ankles. I could be free! Free to lounge around in PJ pants whenever I wanted - and BE WARM! The pyjama party conveniently also provided me with a deadline for completion. I would have new PJ pants for winter. Sold!

So I decided that eye-searing fuchsia was the way to go. I mean, what's a pair of PJ pants if they're not obnoxiously bright?

So besides the two warnings I've already given (me in pyjama pants and eye-searing fuchsia), I also need to warn you about these photos. They're not going to be fantastic quality, as it was my first go taking selfies with my new setup. It was also about 10 degrees when I took these and I was really, really keen to get back into warmer clothes. So I rushed and took many terrible photos. Anyway, enjoy the noisy, gritty quality. It's urban. It's a thing.

So here we go, and please also note just how much geek I've managed to cram into this first picture:

Tofino pyjama pants

(Yes, that's a Terry Pratchett book on the table and there's also an Oatmeal print loitering behind the couch.) By the way, did you notice the piping? Yes, I made the piping.

Grainy, slightly fuzzier enhance!

Tofino up close

See how delightfully long they are? THE GROUND! THEY ARE TOUCHING IT!

I'm very chuffed with my new pyjama pants, even though I have exactly zero construction pictures to show you. You'll have to take my word when I say that the instructions written by Tasia are extremely clear, and the pattern really is suitable for a beginner. Being PJ pants, the fit is relatively relaxed and the elastic waist means it's very forgiving. It's a great pattern to get familiar with the techniques used to construct pants (or trousers if you're from the UK), without the stress of trying to fit them precisely.

Thank you Karen for running the Pyjama Party sew-along!

Now, did I mention that I was doing a second sew-along? Whose dates overlapped with the pyjama party? How's my progress on that going..?

Hummingbird Cake is traced

Well, my pattern (Hummingbird Separates from Cake Patterns) is traced. Pity I've now got less than half the time of the sew-along left to actually complete the garments. Yes, plural. Oh dear.