16 September, 2007

Nine Inch Nails - wow!

So I went to see NIN last night.

It was much better than the last show (same tour, same venue) that I went to. The production this time was FANTASTIC!

There was a portion of the set where there was what appeared to be a giant LED screen behind them... then after that it turned out to be a translucent curtain - and it was now in front of them. Video would play over and cover the band, then you could see them when there was no video.

I really, really want to know what it was. I found some info that on a 2005 tour they used an opera gauze curtain and projected video onto it from Front of House... but it didn't look like this was a projection. The way the screen looked and acted led me to believe it was LED driven, but I've never seen a translucent LED curtain before.

I must find out.

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