30 October, 2007

Pigment and Lipgloss and Bronzer oh my!

Oops. Went on a bit of a cosmetics haul this weekend.

MAC Silver Fog pigment is amazing. A light wash gives a lovely silvery cast. Put on a bit more and it looks like molten silver on your eyelids. It's brilliant, and it's going to make for an awesome robot-themed Daft Punk face.

Also stocked up at Kit - a new Kit lip gloss, Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer (because it's just sooo CUTE!) and Havaianas Blush nail polish. The nail polish is stunning. It matches the light pink Havaianas exactly (not that I own a pair) and is a lovely opaque pink. My toes are very happy in it.

Now I must exercise some self control and NOT visit the new Inglot store near my work.

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