18 October, 2007


Horrible day.

T-panel replaced by car dealership after they accidentally damaged it last week while fixing my ipod connection. What was meant to take 15 minutes took an hour and a half, making me hideously late for work.

However: now my iPod connection isn't working properly again. Yep - car has to go back. Again. It will be the fourth iPod connection related visit to the service department.

The day didn't improve from there, basically it just made me behind in everything.

The one high point was the news that I would soon be receiving a new technology toy to play with. Soon as in, tomorrow. Huzzah! Gadgets always cheer me up.

One last thought: I think people who tailgate L-platers who are driving at their legal speed limit (80km/h) on the motorway should have their license revoked immediately. To the one I saw doing this very act this evening: L-platers are learning, I'm sure they don't need your ugly SUV up their bum, intimidating them just because you're a weedy loser. Go and grow a brain.

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