13 July, 2008

First Socks

Part of the reason this blog needs a name change?

I've taken up needlecrafts again (well, knitting mostly and crochet as a runner up), and want to be able to post things I've done and things I'm working on. Hopefully that sort of peer pressure will help me complete things!

Without further ado - here are the first socks I have ever made:

Yarn: I have no idea. Some yarn that came to me from my late grandmother's stash. I know it's an 8 ply, and I think it's a wool/acrylic blend.
Pattern: Part Arachne Sock Calculator, part Kim Goddard's beginner sock pattern, part my own imagination.

I used the magic loop method, Knit Picks 3.25mm/80 cm circular needle. I'm still building the DPN patience and skills.

Next project? Already started... more socks, amongst other things.

(Oh yeah... I managed to procure an iPhone on launch day. After finally getting it working on the weekend, I promise I'll post about it soon. I am loving having a 3G phone. I had no idea what I was missing.)

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