29 November, 2008

Yarny Goodness

I've been a busy bee for the past couple of days...

Vintagegrrl has been an enabler and encouraged me to try hand dyeing... and spinning. I have started both and here are the results so far:

Cleckheaton Country 8 ply - hand dyed

Hand dyed yarn - Cleckheaton Country 8 ply, dyed with Queen Rose Pink and Blue food colouring. The pink is really deep and looks almost red. Next time I think I'd tone down the pink to make it pinkier.

Now... *Drumroll* time for the handspun! I have an Ashford drop spindle (and maybe an Ashford spinning wheel as of tomorrow), and I have a few little pieces of handspun to show off.

First handspun

First handspun... a short piece because I learnt on this one, then finished it off so I could put a notch in the spindle and beeswax it. It's a plain white Polwarth fibre.

More handspun

My third piece of handspun. (The second piece went into a top secret project... more on that later!)

Blue - First Merino Handspun

My first blue handspun - this one is a merino. The colour is absolutely stunning... a royal blue bordering on purple.

I am loving spinning. It's like I did this in a past life... it just seems like second nature to me.

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