03 September, 2010

I am a bad blogger

But then, you all already knew that.

I think it stems from having so many ideas and so many things I want to say. I sit down to post... and stuff comes out. Just a jumble of words that really, really don't reflect the fact that I am actually capable of stringing a sentence together. There's no coherent idea or structure that comes through.

While this is probably caused by my not actually sitting myself down and writing enough (thereby causing a metric shit-tonne bucketload of ideas trying to fight their way out every time I do), I'm choosing to blame the internet. Purely because the internet must be to blame. MUST. It's certainly to blame for the fact that every time I have an idea I start wondering if I could fit it into a 140-character space, therefore it is at fault for my inability to write longer pieces. It's also to blame for several pairs of shoes, countless books, lots of clothes and various other things that I don't quite need but that's not for here.

So, where was I?

Ah yes. Melbourne! I took the time to visit the place recently after a hiatus of several years. Joss Whedon was coming to town and a fellow geeky friend stood over me telling me I should go until I bought a ticket gently reminded me that it would be a great idea. He was right! Joss was funny, interesting and inspiring. It was an opportunity I am glad I didn't pass up.

I was (recites alphabet in head while counting) ten rows back and mere metres away from one of the audience question mics, so I managed to snap this pic (as usual, all pics in this post are enabled for clicky-embiggen):

Joss, chargin' his lasers

I know he looks demonic, but I think that adds to the Buffy-esque charm.

Other than a wonderful evening with Joss, I also spent some time enjoying a plush hotel room (where's the fun if you don't splash out a little every now and then?), shopping (but of course! pictures to come at a later date), catching up with some friends and wandering through Fitzroy Gardens.

Fitzroy Gardens is probably one of my favourite places in Melbourne. I love walking through the gardens from the East, feeling like you're so far away from everything... only to emerge in the CBD. The times I've spent in the gardens it's usually been quite quiet as well, which only helps the illusion.

Stairway to...

Reflections of a path


(Notice the balloon stuck in the tree?)

More Melbourne to come...


  1. Awesomes! You do need to blog more.. so hop to it woman!! :P

  2. joss. sigh. that is all.