07 February, 2011

Just got real - Runupdate.

Registrations for the Mothers Day Classic are now open! Yours truly has signed up and so far (all 20 minutes of bliss) has served as a swift kick in the derriere. I'm running as part of the geekgirlrunner team, so hopefully I can keep up.

Another way of looking at my registering: sh*t just got real. My first event is now locked and loaded. I ran this one injured last year, so I need to make sure that I'm prepped and ready this time around.

Fitting then that today is an update on my training.

My Christmas kilos have proven to be a little stubborn... through no-one's fault but my own. I've been very lenient with myself (diet and training), so I'm still where I was four weeks ago. I'm a little fitter thanks to boxing starting up again, but my running training has been sporadic. Sydney has been in the throes of a heat wave, so training has proven difficult.

Take Saturday, for example. The hottest day of the recent heatwave - it topped 42 degrees in the city - and innerwestlive and I decided that it would be a great idea to do the bay run in the morning. We can be stubborn like that. Needless to say, the run quickly turned into a walk. I haven't experienced heat that brutal in a while and my body just wasn't ready to run in it.

Where to now? Time to start an actual program - interval training ahoy! I'm off to do some research and set myself up so I'll be ready for 8km in May. I'm also tracking my food using Calorie King again, so hopefully that helps me rein in my diet.


I'm still trying to run in my Skins as much as possible. Again, it's proven difficult in the last week due to the heat, but I am really seeing a difference in recovery when I use them. At the moment it's a small benefit, being that I'm working my way back into training, but I definitely have a shorter recovery time after I've worn them. So far I'm really liking them!

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