23 May, 2012


I recently started carrying around a little point and shoot camera again. I know, I know. I have a camera on my iPhone, but sometimes I feel like I need better quality than what that can give me, even with the funky filters of Instagram. Yep - wannabe photog right here. I blame my photography-obssessed father.

I was feeling quite chuffed with myself about having this camera in my handbag today, as I decided I needed a photo for a work project I'm doing. I set up the photo, pulled out my camera and... the lens got partway out and stayed there, even though the activity light was working when I pressed the power button. CRAP.

A quick trip to the marketing team and some digging around for spare batteries quickly diagnosed the issue: it was the batteries running really low, not the camera*. Which led to my face looking something like this (but with more work-appropriate clothes on at the time):

Thoughtful Red

I mean really, what is the point of carting around a camera in my handbag if the batteries are going to be flat a mere week or two after a charge?

(*Marketing did try to convince me that I just needed a new, more awesome camera. I quite like my little "wooden spoon" PowerShot A480 as my just in case portable camera. Thoughts anyone?)


  1. Try a new battery - and then save your pennies for a really awesome handbag camera :)


  2. hehehe... I may need to do just that, as well as saving pennies for a lovely new DSLR... ;o)

  3. Hey there, is that you Isabel? Just recognised you as I worked through your posts. Great PJ's. Anita