22 July, 2008

Feeling so productive

It's amazing what some time off work does.

I finished the very green socks. They are as yet unblocked so they still look a little misshapen.

Yarn: Shepherd Colour 4 Me 8 ply. It's deliciously soft.
Pattern: Silver's Sock Class. This tutorial is for DPNs, but I used the magic loop method.
Knit Picks 3.25mm, 80cm circular needle.

I have finished one of the striped socks... but it's too big (wide) for me. It does fit the other half (kind of) but he did not look overjoyed when I suggested I complete the pair for him. If I can't find anyone to fit it then it might be remain an orphan. It might make a good Christmas stocking.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cast on something using this new yarn. It's going to be garter stitch and chunky, for a break from the sock work.

(Isn't it pretty? I thought so too.)

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