01 June, 2009

New beginning

Early last year, I changed my lifestyle.

I quit smoking. I ate properly. I exercised regularly. I took care of myself.

I felt great and got wonderful results in not very long.

For the past 9 months or so, that has fallen by the wayside. I've fallen back into old habits. I started smoking again. I started eating badly again. I stopped exercising.

While I am nowhere near as unfit as I was when I started this the first time (and tonight's walk/run proved that), I am still very near the weight I was that prompted me to start it all in the first place. I should know, I weighed myself on my sickeningly-accurate scale tonight.

So, starting tomorrow I start taking care of myself again. The smoking is already taken care of - I pushed that aside a good month ago.

The goals and rules:

There will be 30 minutes of activity a day. On workout days this means proper exercise (couch to 5k program runs twice a week, bike ride or yoga once a week, boxing once a week), on rest days it means a 30 minute walk to help stretch the muscles.

Every piece of food I eat will be tracked in a food diary and I will be sticking to a calorie-counted plan.

Weigh-ins are on Saturdays. I'll post about my loss/gain for the week, but I prefer to keep the actual numbers quiet. I have a goal weight to reach, but I'm not sure if it's do-able. If not, I'd be happy to be a few kilos above it.

My motiviation? Well, first up I want to feel and look as good as I did mid last year. Secondly, I just bought 3 skirts that are all a smidgen too tight. I want them to fit me, and soon.

Here goes nothing...


  1. Good luck I know you can do it red!

    -regards woolie

  2. Hey - maybe we should do it together????

    I've been meaning to get into a fitness regime and be the size I was when I first started uni... That's like 10kg... sigh...