03 June, 2009

As guilt free as it gets

Tonight I ate Hungry Jacks for dinner... pretty much guilt free! I did feel a pang for the large amount of fat and sodium in the food.

I spent today working in the warehouse inventorying some (ok, a lot of) stuff that has to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. It was heavy work. There was lifting and carrying. There was walking. There was moving gigantic pallets. (By the way, using a pallet jack can be pretty cool.) There was digging through boxes of ICT equipment that time forgot.

The upshot of around 8 hours of heavy physical work? It's pretty much exercise for me as a usual day is much less physical activity, and as such it increases my kilojoule allowance. Given that I had my usual breakfast, snacks and lunch I was way short. So I could easily eat that fatty meal from HJ's and still be in my proper allowance.

The best bit? I get to do another 4 hours in the warehouse tomorrow. Yay for another workout! I think I'll eat healthy though.

Hopefully this weekend I will get to do a knitting update post with some pictures. It's been a while since I've posted anything about knitting, and I miss making those posts.

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