24 June, 2010


Wow... what a week so far!

I've been sick and stuck at home, so World Cup replays and watching drama unfold have been the order of the day week.

The Socceroos got knocked out of the World Cup - however they left with their heads held high, having defeated Serbia in their last game. Well done boys.

France was also knocked out, much to my Francophile chagrin.

We have a new Prime Minister! It started last night as a whisper on Twitter, ended up with an announcement of a ballot this morning and then... bam! Julia Gillard, Australia's first female PM. History was made today as she was sworn in by the country's first female Governer-General.

I have to say, I teared up at Rudd's exit speech, was wowed by Julia's first address and nearly dissolved again when she was sworn in.

A truly momentous day.

As a side note... (it adds to the action-packed theme but is hardly on par with any of the above), this blog has been renamed and had a bit of a redesign. Welcome to <ikepela_is_redambition> aka - what this blog is now called!

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  1. And, as Kerry O'Brien said on the 7.30 report, possibly our first ever red headed PM.